Travel barrier-free with our taxi services

Barrier free taxi service

A special taxi in Finland transportation for wheelchair users and for people with restricted mobility.  

Do you have a group with elderly or people with disabilities who need a place for wheelchair or otherwise barrier free transportation?

From us you can order a minivan with wheelchair lift. Korsisaari is a trusted partner offering barrier free transportation services according to the Disability Service Act. We have years of experience in organizing and offering barrier free transportations at competitive prices. We have a wide selection of minivans / taxis with wheelchair lifts from 5-8 people. The lift will be undetectable and won’t bother you or your guests while they are traveling to their destination.  

The barrier free transportation is also possible for bigger groups as we have charter buses with lifts. These lifts can even be used when the group includes people with walkers or with otherwise restricted mobility who are unable to step directly to the minivan. The driver will make sure that everyone gets on safely and will check that all wheelchairs or other implements are correctly attached before the transportation starts. One minivan fits 2 wheelchair users and up to 6 people. Get to know better our minivans and other taxis in our Vehicles section.

Our professional drives will take care of the clients’ safety and they have years of experience in using the wheelchair lifts and attaching the wheelchair to the floor of the minivan. Attachments are done according to the regulations. We also observe frequently how our drivers attach the wheelchairs and extra education is offered if needed. The vehicles are cleaned regularly to ensure a pleasant and comfortable ride for our passengers. You can rent a car seat for children or a wheelchair from us for your transportation with extra cost. The car seat for children or the wheelchair has to be reserved beforehand.

Experienced company in transporting clients with special needs

Korsisaari has years of experience in transporting clients with special needs. In case your clients or group has people with special needs don’t hesitate to contact us. We will make sure that these needs are fulfilled and followed during the whole transportation. Most of our drivers transfer children with special needs to the school and back to home daily. For this reason, the drivers are educated, experienced and know how to handle the transportations. The drivers will always get to know the clients and their special needs to make the transportation personalized. If you need a transportation to someone with special needs contact us and we are happy to organize the transportations with familiar and educated drivers.

Most of our minivans are equipped with special extra seatbelts and belt locks which can be used if the client wants it. Some of the cars have a wheelchair. So, you don’t have to worry about having all equipment by yourself. The car seats are also designed so that most of the clients’ specialized belts or vests can be attached to them. The pricing of the special transportations varies depending on the special equipment used.

Contact our service center and they are happy to help you with everything related to transporting clients with special needs! Service center serves on the phone +35892746900 and by email, you can reach them every workday (Mon-Fri) between 7am and 17pm.

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