Korsisaari gift card is an excellent gift for some who has everything. You can use the gift on day trips, public transport travel card, charter service or to buy taxi transportation. If you use the gift card for charter or taxi, you need to make the payment via our online store. Gift card is delivered via email. You get to decide, who it is delivered? Or if you want to send the same gift card to different recipients, just write down all the emails.

Card is wonderful idea for example to your grandparents, you give your grandmother and grandfather freedom to decide where do they want to go. Korsisaari day travels are designed to include transportation, food and all the entry fees. We guarantee your grandparents will enjoy the day and appreciate the gift you gave them.

Or are your parents, friend or spouse in need on free time or do you wish to offer your friend quality time. What about if you would only buy gift and let the other one decide where to use it? Our day trips are popular and are getting very good grades. If you haven´t try it before we most warm heartedly welcome you to come along.

With the card at least for now you can´t charge your travel card. And you can´t use it in our mobile app. If you wish to use it on charter or taxi? Please contact our sales team and we will make it happen. You can send our sales team email myynti@korsisaari.fi or call by phone 09 8789 9050

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