Travel card case

Do you have Korsisaari travel card or are you planning to get one? Buy a card case to protect your travel card.


Travel card case protects your card and gives it more mileage. Bending, twisting or fracture in the card may cost it to misfunction. If the card is broken, we are not able to read it in our buses. By buying the case you give your card more protection and more lifetime. In the long run you save money, when you can use the same card longer. The other side of the case has reflecting surface, which makes stopping the bus during dark way easier.

Korsisaari travel card case is sold either in blue or white. In the blue case there is text Korsisaari written on it and in the white case familiar from our logo the kites are flying.

  • Reflecting value (CIL) approximately 800 – 1200
  • Card case size 97 mm x 65 mm

The card case is manufactured with polypropylene plastic and phthalate free vinyl. Case is meant to last time and life. When disposing the case, you can throw it away in mixed waste.

The case is designed and manufactured together with Finnish corporation Saintex. The travel case is Finnish design and manufactured in Finland. When we were selecting our companion, we gave great value for Finnish production.


By buying the travel case you support Finnish labour and help to maintain jobs in Finland.

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