Public transport

– Timetables for Nurmijärvi municipality’s public transport bus routes

Here you can find current timetables, route maps and Bussi Live (Bus Live).

Route maps of Nurmijärvi municipality public transport

Kivenkyyti demand responsive transport

Kivenkyyti is operated call-based Mon-Fri in Rajamäki, Nurmijärvi (church village) and Klaukkala.

The Kivenkyyti bus serves as follows:

  • Rajamäki 10.25am-11.15am and 12.15pm-14.40pm.
  • Nurmijärvi (church village) 9.40am-11.10pm
  • Klaukkala 10.00am-14.00pm

Bookings for Kivenkyyti demand responsive transport Mon-Fri 7.00am to 5.00pm, tel. +358 9 274 6900.

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