Important Information for Passengers

About travelling

A stop sign is to be given well in advance both when entering the bus, as well as when leaving the bus. In the dark, a light reflecting tag or a flashlight are an excellent help in catching the driver’s attention in time.

The use of seat belts in each seat is compulsory according to Finnish Law. Our vehicles are mainly equipped with the hip seat belts, but some of the them have the 3-point belts. If there are no seat belts available, it is not compulsory to wear one. On some of the buses, there is also a designated space for standing that might be occasionally needed during rush hours.

We kindly ask you to take other passengers and the driver into account when using your cell phone or other electronic devices. When listening to music, playing games or watching videos, please use headphones at a moderate volume. When departing the bus, please use preferably the mid or back door. This makes the departing quicker and ensures that the timetables can be met.

Night Fare

The buses departing between 00:00 to 04:00 a.m. have a night fare, which is double the normal fee up to 20 km and, on longer trips, a fee of 20 km will be added to the ticket rate.

Smart Cards

Passengers paying with smart cards can ask the driver to print the receipt, which includes the information from the last four trips made and the validity dates. It is possible to reload smart cards in all our buses. Purchase of a new card or change of the product number must be made at a Matkahuolto agency.

Large belongings

Prams and skis travel free of charge, as long as there is enough space in the bus. For bikes, the passenger is charged the lowest single fare of an adult. A folding bike can be transported free of charge when packed in a proper bag.


Dogs and other small animals can be transported in our buses free of charge, as long as any of the passengers travelling on the bus has not informed about being allergic beforehand. If the animal requires its own seat due to its large size, the lowest single fare of an adult will be charged for it.

Lost and found

The driver will take items forgotten on the bus to the depot of Alhonniittu. Travel cards will be delivered to Matkahuolto’s agent in Nurmijärvi without delay, and valuable items (e.g. cell phones and wallets) will be delivered to the Nurmijärvi service office, Keskustie 2 A (police services) within a week. Other lost items will be kept at the depot for one month. In the event of lost items, please contact Korsisaari depot by phone +358 (0)9 878 9900 (Mon-Fri 7am to 5pm) or by email

Platforms, Kamppi Bus Terminal (U = U-lines)


6 am to 10 pm

Platform 10 U 663 Helsinki – Hyrylä – Jokela – Hyvinkää
637 Helsinki – Hyrylä – Nurmijärvi – Rajamäki
Platform 12 463 express bus, along motorway Nurmijärvi – Rajamäki
464 regular service, along motorway Nurmijärvi – Rajamäki
U 465 regular service Syväoja – Nurmijärvi – Rajamäki
Platform 13 454 express bus, along motorway to Klaukkala
U 455 regular service Klaukkala – Mäntysalo
U 456 regular service Klaukkala – Perttula – Nurmijärvi – Rajamäki
U 457 regular service Klaukkala – Röykkä – Rajamäki – Nurmijärvi
Platform 14 U 355 Vihdintie – Korpilampi – Klaukkala – Mäntysalo
U 355T Vihdintie – Serena – Korpilampi – Klaukkala – Mäntysalo
4.20pm M-P line 454
Departures from 10 pm
Platform 4 All departures

Platforms, Nurmijärvi Bus Station

Platform 1 along Hämeenlinna route to Helsinki
Platform 2 connecting traffic to/from Laidunkaari
Platform 3 direction Rajamäki and bus lines to Hyvinkää
Platform 4 direction Klaukkala
Platform 5 Raala-Nukari, Nummenpää
Platform 6 charter buses
Platform 7 direction Hyrylä and Palojoki

Platforms, Klaukkala Bus Station

Platform 2 along Hämeenlinna route to Helsinki
Platform 3 direction Vihdintie and Mäntysalo
Platform 4 direction Perttula
Platform 5 direction Lepsämä

Platforms in Rajamäki Bus Station

Platform 1 direction Nurmijärvi
Platform 2 direction Hyvinkää
Platform 3 direction Röykkä

Parking Areas Next to the Stations

Kirkonkylä: bus station, Mahlamäentie 2 (K-Supermarket’s parking area), Myllykukko
Klaukkala: opposite to the bus station, passage through Klaukkalantie
Rajamäki: Kiljavantie 4



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Have a safe journey!