Employer-subsidized commuter ticket

Do you have your employers offered commuter ticket benefit for commuters?

– Order employer-subsidized commuter ticket


When you order Korsisaari travel card. In the card and our registry will be saved information required by tax authority.

Employer -subsidized commuter ticket is always delivered without valid ticket product or value. Before you start using the card, you must top up your travel card in Nurmijärvi´s R-kiosk in Rajamäki, Nurmijärvi village or Klaukkala or Kamppi Matkahuolto.  Due to technical reasons, the card already includes the correct ticket type of your choice and the 5-euro card fee is added at the check-out. The travel card can contain either season ticket or serial ticket plus value. Employer-subsidized commuter ticket is for only personal use and the owner is the only one who can travel with it.

When you make a purchase to your card you must provide identity information. That way it is possible to use different benefits. In R-kiosk they accept Eazybreak commute voucher, ePassi Commuter, Smartum Commute benefit or Edenred Commuting benefit card. In Kamppi Matkahuolto they accept Smartum Commute benefit, Edenred Commuting benefit card or Matkahuolto’s commuter’s vouchers. If you top up your travel card without using the benefits, you can also top up your travel card in our online store or buses.


Please notify when buying employer-subsidized commuter ticket

Fill up the name of your employer at the checkout.

If you choose pick-up from R-kiosks or Kamppi Matkahuolto, commuter ticket is ready for pick-up after five (5) weekdays. You will not get a notification message.


Please take good care of your travel card. With right upkeep the mileage of the travel card is years. You can order travel card case from our online store. The other side of the case has reflecting surface, which makes stopping the bus during dark way easier.

Read more about employer-subsidized commuter ticket from our website and how you can utilise it in Nurmijärvi Public transport.

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