Download Korsisaari-application

You can download the Korsisaari application on your smartphone from Google Play or App Store. Get the Korsisaari app from the store and install it on your phone. The mobile app works on the latest Android and iOS phones.

With the Korsisaari mobile application, you can purchase single, serial and season tickets directly to your smartphone. You will find information of the various ticket products and their prices in the app and in the Ticket products-section. When paying with Mobile Payment method, Pivo, Apple Pay or MobilePay, a payment method supplement of € 0.20 will be added to the price.

Naisella avattuna puhelimessa Korsisaaren sovellus.

How do I download Korsisaari mobile application?

When you open the application for the first time, the app will request a permission to use your device’s location. Location information improves the usability of the service. By accepting the terms of use of the app and by creating a PIN-code you will be able to use the application as an unregistered user.

From our YouTube channel, you are able to find an instruction video in finnish for the downloading process of the app.

If you use the application as an unregistered user, you are able to buy single tickets. Payment method options in this case ate mobile payment, Pivo, MobilePay and Apple Pay (iOS-users).

How do I register to the Korsisaari-application?

You are able to register yourself to the application any time. Once registered, you can purchase also season tickets, serial tickets as well as shared ticket products to other registered users. The methods of payment are the same as without registration and in addition, you can pay for your purchases with a debit or credit card and save your debit or credit card information to the app.

When registering, enter your email address, phone number and create a password. Then activate your account from the link, which will be sent to your email.

You can also watch an instruction video in finnish how to register to the application.

Use of the Korsisaari-application

Some of the tickets have a separate activation time after the purchase has been made. Possible activation time can be checked from the ticket information before the purchase and after the purchase activation time starts to run. Please notice, that inactivation of the ticket does not cancel the purchase nor return the money. Activation time makes it possible to buy the ticket beforehand and you won’t lose travel time while waiting the bus. Activated ticket has to be shown to the driver. Please make sure that your phone does not run out of battery during the journey and that the ticket is activated for the whole journey.

As a registered customer you are able to use activated tickets without internet connection.

Restrictions on the use of Korsisaari-application

The tickets of the Korsisaari-application you can travel on the public transport operated by Korsisaari, according to the restrictions of the ticket. If the journey continues in the HSL area to another means of transport, you can use the Duo ticket of the mobile app. The HSL travel card or other HSL tickets cannot be used as partial payment.

How does the Korsisaari-application work?

From the shop page, you will find all the available ticket products with their restrictions and prices. Duo-, season- and serial tickets can be found in the folders of the application.

After the payment, the purchased ticket moves to the Purchases tab, from where you are able to see all the tickets you have bought and which are ready for use.  You are able to buy with single phone several single tickets for your travel company or use serial tickets. From the Purchases tab you are also able to see your purchase history behind a separate tab.

From the traffic page you will find all the current information regarding the public transport of Nurmijärvi area. If you allow the notifications of the application, you will receive a notification every time a new information is published.

From Account page you are able to control your choices and change your PIN-code or passport. From the Account page, under the headline Application you will also find Often asked questions tab, from which you will find instructions and answers to the most of the problems.

The owner of the application is iQ Payments Oy. The company’s privacy policy can be found from webpage.