Buy Employer-subsidized commuter ticket

Do your employer offer employment benefits for commuting? Order employer-subsidized commuter ticket.

Employer-subsidized commuter ticket is always personal. You are able to either buy either a seasonal or serial ticket and download value to the travel card. You can only order the employer-subsidized commuter ticket from Korsisaari online store. When ordering the name of the employer and date of birth of the employee will be saved to the register and to the travel card.


Korsisaari employer-subsidized commuter ticket is valid in all buses operated by Korsisaari. Travel card costs 5 euros and when well-maintained it will last for years.  When buying the employer-subsidized commuter ticket you can also buy a case for it. You can order the case either in white or in blue. Back of the case has a reflector which is a great help when you need to stop the bus in the dark.

Select below. Which ticket product you want on your card.

Remember to add your employer info and your birthday at the register. This information is saved to the card info.

More infomation about employer-subsidized commuter ticket

Employer-subsidized commuter ticket will be delivered without valid ticket product. Due to technical reasons you have to choose a ticket product for your ticket when ordering the card from the online store. Employer-subsidized commuter ticket can only be downloaded in R-kiosks of the Nurmijärvi area, when you are also able to utilize your employment benefits (Eazybreak commuting benefit, Smartum- commute benefit, ePassi commuter and Edenred commuting benefit card). When picking up the employer-subsidized commuter ticket and always when downloading it, the identity of the buyer is checked.

The season of the seasonal tickets and the validity of the serial tickets is activated when the travel card is stamped at the bus for the first time.

If you have any questions regarding Employer-subsidized commuter ticket, you can contact us via email or send a message through feedback form. We will answer to the messages in the arriving order.

Are you an employer?

Employer can make a billing contract regarding the employer-subsidized commuter ticket with Nurmijärven Linja Oy. The employer will directly buy the employer-subsidized commuter ticket  to the employee for example, for a year. Download the contract base and send the filled contract by email Write to the topic section of the email: Employer-subsidized commuter ticket and the name of the organization or company.

Download the contract base in finnish

Korsisaari will create personal travel cards to the employees and downloads the tickets on them according to the order of the employer (for example, a period of a year).

After the end of the first period either the employer or the employee will come to the depot of the Korsisaari to download the new season to the travel card. For the download you need to have with you the contract made with the employer or the copy of it. Nurmijärven Linja Oy will take a billing fee from the employer-subsidized commuter ticket with the ticket is paid by invoice and also charges the possible postal fees.