Value card

Buy Korsisaari value card and download money to the card.


Value card will be delivered to you at home and it contains value. You choose the amount of value you want on the card between ten (10) and hundred (100) euros. If choose pick-up from Alho, you can pick-up your card at Alhonniittu bus depot (Alhonniituntie 1, Nurmijärvi) weekdays between 7am-3pm. Card is ready for pick-up next weekday after order.


If you later on wish to download either season or serial ticket? You can do this without purchasing a new card. In one card there can be simultaneously with value either season or serial ticket. Please do notify, if you need to change the zone on the ticket. It will require a new ticket on the card. So please contact us via email


With the value card your ticket will cost the same as when you buy single ticket from the bus. Only difference is that you don´t need to remember to have cash with you. Some parents appreciate this ticket type because it is easier to educate the use of money. You can download more value to your card in our buses or Nurmijärvi municipalities R-kiosks. With the value you can pay more than one passenger traveling with you.

The card costs five (5) euros and the cost will be added at the check-out. Please take good care of your travel card. With right upkeep the mileage of the travel card is years. You can order travel card case from our online store. The other side of the case has reflecting surface, which makes stopping the bus during dark way easier.

At the bottom right corner, you find the serial number of your card. If the card goes missing or stolen, we can close the card with this number. And depending on the case transform the information to new card.

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