Privacy statement

This privacy statement is created according to data protection law (1050/2018)

Created 1st January 2019. Latest change made 23th January 2024

1. The registrar

Korsisaari Group
PL 49 / Alhonniituntie 1
01901 Nurmijärvi
Tel: +358 300 305 500
Price 0,84 €/call and 0,68 €/min (Prices contain VAT 24%)
Contact person:
Marjut Kuosmanen, Human Resources Manager,

2. Basics and purpose of processing personal data

Personal data is used:

The client has a right to decline all marketing messages. Client can decline marketing messages through the link in every message, by contacting Korsisaari Group by email to or by writing to the contact person of the register.

Any sensitive data is handled only in that moment in which the information has been given.

All the information regarding underage people is saved to the software only with the permission from the guardian.

Handling personal data is based on the client relationship. Personal data is handled according to the limits and requirements of the data protection law. Personal data is handled with legal protection, which is based on the acceptance of the registered or contractual relation and the right of the registrar due to a client relationship. In addition, the registrar has the right to handle personal data due to the legal responsibility set by the Finnish law to the registrar. Personal ID number is handled only in the purposes set by the law, when individualization is important.

3. Description of personal information groups

The following information is saved from registered customers or from possible customers:

We have camera surveillance in our Alhonniittu and Hyrylä depots, so any visits in these depots are recorded.

4. Release of personal information

The personal information is not released to any other officials. The information might be moved to the cooperation partners due to technical demands. Our cooperation partners can handle only personal information which is related to services of Korsisaari Group in a way that the signed tasks are handled correctly and only in a way required by the situation.

Personal information is not released outside Korsisaari Group or to its cooperation partners’ personal use except in cases of credit application, debt handling and billing. And also, in cases in which service, Finnish law or contract demands it. The personal information of Korsisaari register is only released outside to those people who have a right to handle personal information as a part of their job description. The information can be released for example to the following:

5. Data transferring to third country or to international organizations

Data is not released outside of EU or ETA nor to any international organizations unless Korsisaari Group or its cooperation partner’s technical implementation requires.

If the data is prosessed or maintained outside of EU or ETA, it is to made sure that the countries ensures an adequate level of data protection. Example of this is personal data transferred from the EU to US companies participating in the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework.

6. Data storage periods

Personal data is saved and kept according to the accounting law of Finland. Surveillance camera videos are kept approximately for two months.

7. Principles of protection

Handling of the register is made with confidence and with extreme care.

Manual databases are kept in spaces to with only personnel with right to handle the data can enter.

IT databases: Registrar’s information system and its files are secured with normal technical secure systems. The servers are saved with firewalls, antivirus programs and all apps and programs require personal passwords and user names. Personal usernames and passwords are created and given only to those whose work description and work tasks require it. All processing of the register leaves entries in the data log. The registrar’s premises have automatic camera surveillance.