Employer-subsidized commuter ticket

– Employer benefit to employees

It is possible to obtain an employer-subsidized commuter ticket for Korsisaari’s public transport either directly from Nurmijärven Linja Oy through actors providing employee benefits.

The benefit is tax-free under certain contitions. These contributions do not add up employer’s ancillary wage costs. In addition, the employer can deduct the ticket acquisition costs from the income tax. More detailed information can be found of Finnish Tax Administration’s web service.

The benefit is personal, and an employee can top up either a seasonal or serial ticket or value to his/her travel card. The employer-subsidized travel ticket is mainly meant for commuting between home and workplace, but it can also be used on leisure journeys.

Why should an employer offer an employee an employer-subsidized travel ticket?

  • No indirect wage costs
  • Acquisition costs are deductible for the company
  • Well-being of the employees increase
  • Equal treatment of motorists and those using public transport
  • An alternative to parking, sports, and cultural benefits
  • Option for a company car
  • A clear message about the company’s environmentally friendly values
  • Positive employer image

An employer-subsidized travel ticket is a fringe benefit, so it does not have to offered on the same terms to all employees as employee benefits such as sports benefits. Commuter benefits (= an employer-subsidized travel ticket) can be offered only to those employees who do not have a company car or a parking space at the workplace.

How to get a Korsisaari employer-subsidized travel ticket?

Paying an employer-subsidized travel ticket with employee benefits

Employee benefits providers have nationwide electronic solutions as methods of payment for an employer-subsidized travel ticket. With the electronic payment instrument, the employee can top up the travel ticket.

An employer-subsidized commuter travel card can be ordered from Korsisaari web store. The card is delivered according to your order:

  • to your home by mail
  • to a pick-up point R-kioski/Kamppi Matkahuolto. Cards can be picked up within 5 working days.

In connection with the order, a 5 € fee is charged of the card.

When collecting the card at the R-kioski/Matkahuolto Kamppi, the customer’s identity is checked, and the first ticked product can be loaded onto the card.

The travel card delivered to your home does not contain a ticket product and the travel card must topped up at R-kiosks or Matkahuolto Kamppi where the identity of the cardholder is checked.

Topping up a employer-subsidized travel ticket

The card can be topped up at Nurmijärvi’s R-kiosks and at Matkahuolto Kamppi (Helsinki).

Nurmijärven Linja Oy’s employer-subsidized travel tickets can be topped up in R-kiosks located in the Nurmijärvi (Eazybreak Commute Voucher, Smartum Commute benefit, ePassi Commuter and Edenred Työmatka card) and Matkahuolto Kamppi (Smartum Commute benefit, Edenred Työmatka card and Matkahuolto’s commuter’s vouchers).

Employer-subsidized travel ticket with corporate invoicing

The employer makes an invoicing contract for the employer-subsidized travel ticket with Nurmijärven Linja Oy. The employer can buy a ticket directly for the employee’s use, for example, for a year. Download the contract template for your use and send the saved contract to matkakortit@korsisaari.fi. In the subject field of the e-mail, please write: Employer-subsidized travel ticket and the name of the company/association.

Korsisaari makes personal travel cards for the employees and loads tickets for a fixed period according to the employer’s order, for example for one year at a time.

At the end of the first period, either the employer or the employee visits the Korsisaari bus debot to load a new season on the card. The employer’s contract or a copy of the contract is required for loading.

Nurmijärven Linja Oy charges an invoicing surcharge and any postage costs for the invoiced employer-subsidized travel ticket.

Products of employer-subsidized commuter ticket providers

Eazybreak commuting benefit

Eazybreak commuting benefit is used by a mobile phone and it is a handy payment instrument provided by the employer to pay employee benefits. The employer makes a contract with Eazybreak..

More information on Eazybreak commuter benefit on Eazybreak web pages or by e-mail myynti@eazybreak.com

ePassi Commuter

ePassi Commuter is a quick and easy way for an employer to offer the commuting benefit. ePassi Commuter automates the entire process of managing commuting benefits. The employer makes a contract with ePassi Payments Oy.

More information on ePassi työmatka benefit on ePassi web pages or by e-mail samppa.sarja@epassi.fi

Smartum Commute benefit

Smartum Commute benefit is used by a mobile phone app and it is a functional targeted payment instrument provided by the employer to pay employee benefits. The employer makes a contract with Smartum Oy.

Read Smartum’s instructions of using Smartum Commute benefit.

More information on Smartum Työmatkaetu on Smartum web pages or by e-mail asiakaspalvelu@smartum.fi

Edenred Commuting benefit card

Commuting benefit card – Edenred Työmatka card is an easy to use and safe MasterCard-based card by which the employer can offer employees a commuting benefit.

The employer has to register as an Edenred customer.

Learn more about Edenred’s credit card on Edenred web pages and by e-mail myynti-fi@edenred.com

If you have any questions about the employer-subsidized commuter tickets, please contact us matkakortit@korsisaari.fi