Important information for passengers

Here we have gathered instructions and important information for passengers on public transport. If you cannot find the answer to your question on our website or you want to give feedback on our operations, you can send us feedback using the feedback form on our website or by email: You can also give feedback through our mobile app.

Stopping the bus

The stop signal must be given well in advance both when getting on the bus as well as when leaving the bus. When you want to get on the bus, swing your hand because the movement stands out better than a hand at standstill. Wait until the bus driver turns on blinker as a sign to stop at the bus stop. In the dark, reflectors or an illuminated mobile phone screen or a flashlight help a lot in catching the driver’s attention on time even if the road is well lit. When getting off the bus, it’s worth remembering that stopping a bus safely takes more time than stopping a regular car – so please keep a close eye on the course of the journey.

Timetables and estimated passing times

Public transport is run by buses among other traffic, so it is not possible to create exact passing times for each bus stop. The passing times of bus stations, turning points and scheduled stops (marked on timetables) are passing times before which the bus does not leave that stop. The bus stop-specific timetables found in Matkahuolto and Google search give estimated passing times based on average actual driving times. If your own bus stop is an estimated passing time stop, we recommend that you arrive at the stop approximately five minutes before the scheduled time. On the Bus-Live page you can keep track on where the bus you are waiting for is going at the moment.

Scheduled transfers

We are a local operator and we want to ensure smooth public transport for Nurmijärvi residents. In the departures mentioned in our Timetables you have the right to a free transfer for the onward connection during the validity period of the ticket. Validity periods of the tickets can be found in the Ticket products section. When getting on a bus, remember to tell the driver if you are changing from one bus to another one and which route you are changing to. The onward connection bus will wait if the driver has information about the passengers transfering from one bus to another.

When traveling between Lepsämä, Mäntysalo and Röykkä areas the best place to change from one bus to another is at the old bus station (bus stop called Klaukkala) instead of the Matkakeskus in Klaukkala.

Kivenkyyti demand responsive transport

Kivenkyyti is part of public transport in Nurmijärvi and operates on a call basis. Kivenkyyti can be used for example, to leisure travels or as connecting traffic to other public transport.

Kivenkyyti operates in Nurmijärvi, Rajamäki and Klaukkala areas Mon-Fri as follows (note summertime operating areas and hours may vary):

  • Rajamäki on Tuesday and Friday
  • Nurmijärvi (Kirkonkylä) on Wednesday
  • Klaukkala on Monday and Thursday

Kivenkyyti is intended for everyone moving around Nurmijärvi. Thanks to low-floor buses, Kivenkyyti is well-suited for the elderly and people with disabilities, including those using wheelchairs and walkers, and those traveling with prams. The driver will help to get on and off the bus if necessary.
The Kivenkyyti bus route sign shows Kivenkyyti. The trip can be paid with Korsisaari and Matkahuolto ticket products, cash or by credit card.
You can ask more about Kivenkyyti or book a Kivenkyyti ride by calling Mon-Fri 7.00am to 5.00pm, tel. +358 9 274 6900. Generally, orders should be placed at least one hour before the trip.

Seat belts

The use of a seat belt installed in the seat is mandatory according to the Finnish Road Traffic Act. Our buses are mainly equipped with lap seat belts, but some buses have 3-point belts which are familiar from passenger cars. However, some of our buses do not have seat belts (some of the low-floor buses). We aim to use these buses on the internal routes of Nurmijärvi municipality. In some of the buses, there is also a designed space for standing, which we sometimes have to use during rush hours.

Lost and found

The items left on the bus and Korsisaari travel cards will be delivered to the Alhonniittu bus debot. Matkahuolto’ s travel cards will be delivered to Matkahuolto Kamppi’s ticket office. The valuables (mobile phones, wallets) will be delivered to Nurmijärvi service office, Keskustie 2 A (police services) within a week. Other lost items will be kept at the debot for one month. If you have lost property on a bus, please contact Korsisaari by e-mail or by phone +358 9 878 9900 (Mon-Fri 7.00am-17.00pm).

Travel cards

Customers paying with travel cards can, if they wish, ask the bus driver to print a receipt showing the last four journeys, and the period of validity of the season ticket, or the number of journeys remaining on the serial ticket, and the possible remaining value.

If you need to change a different ticket product for your travel card visit the Nurmijärvi Alhonniittu bus debot, Alhonniituntie 1 (Korsisaari travel cards) or at Matkahuolto’s office (Matkahuolto travel cards).

Park & Ride

  • Nurmijärvi (Kirkonkylä): bus station, Mahlamäentie 2 (K-Supermarket parking places outside), Myllykukko parking spots and parking place of Krannila sports area Suojalantie 2
  • Klaukkala: Viirinlaakso travel center, place opposite the old bus station, passage from Klaukkalantie
  • Rajamäki: Kiljavantie 4

Printed timetables

Are you lacking the ability to check timetables online? Tell us your address and needs of travel by e-mail or by phone +358 9 8789 900. We will send our timetable by mail to those who wish whenever the timetable period changes.


Kamppi Bus Terminal


6am to 10 pm         

  • Platform 12: Nurmijärvi (Kirkonkylä)
  • Platform 14: Klaukkala

from 10pm

  • Platform 4: All departures direction Nurmijärvi municipality

Klaukkala Matkakeskus

  • Platform 1: Helsinki ja Kivistö
  • Platform 2: Mäntysalo
  • Platform 3: Nurmijärvi (Kirkonkylä) via Perttula
  • Platform 4: Lepsämä and Rinnekoti
  • Platform 6: Harjula, Kalajärvi and Kivenkyyti (demand responsive transport)

Nurmijärvi bus station

  • Platform 1: along motorway E12 (Hämeenlinnanväylä) or the old Hämeenlinna road (Vanha Hämeenlinnantie) to Helsinki
  • Platform 2: Laidunkaari and Toreeni
  • Platform 3: Rajamäki (- Hyvinkää)
  • Platform 4: Klaukkala (- Helsinki)
  • Platform 5: Raala, Nukari and Perttula’s transfer to Nummenpää
  • Platform 6: charter buses
  • Platform 7: Korso
  • In front of platform 7 next to the entrance of the building: Kivenkyyti (Nurmijärvi Kirkonkylä demand responsive transport), route 3 Hongisoja – Taipaleentie – Suontaantie – Kirkkotie – Nurmijärvi

Rajamäki bus station

  • Platform 1: Nurmijärvi (Kirkonkylä) (- Helsinki)
  • Platform 2: Hyvinkää and route 20
  • Platform 3: Röykkä (- Klaukkala – Helsinki)

Large belongings (prams, skis, bicycles, scooters)

You can transport prams, strollers and skis free of charge in our buses if there is enough space in the bus. For bicycles and electric scooters the lowest single ticket fare of an adult is charged. A folding bicycle or kickboard can be taken on the bus at no extra charge if it is packed in a proper bag or similar.


Dogs and other small pet animals can be transported on our buses free of charge, provided that no customer already on board has notified us in advance of being allergic to pets. If the animal is so large that it takes up a passenger seat, the lowest single adult fee will be charged.

Contact information of Matkahuolto and HSL

  • Matkahuolto Travel services Helsinki Kamppi, Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm, Sat. 8am-3pm. tel. +358 200 4000 (available 24/7),
  • Matkahuolto parcel services, Mon-Fri 7am-18pm, Saturday 9am-5pm tel. +358 600 11300 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm),
  • Matkahuolto–asiamies Nurmijärvi, Ihantolantie 12, Mon-Fri 7.00-22.00, Sat 7.00-22.00, Sun 10.00-22.00 (Matkahuolto’s own tickets and parcel services)
  • HSL Customer Service tel. +358 9 4766 4000 Mon-Fri 7.30am-7pm, Sat-Sun 9.30am-5pm,
  • Bookings for Kivenkyyti demand responsive transport Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, tel. +358 9 274 6900

Have a nice trip!