– transportation services by minivans and minibuses

Korsisaari is a trusted partner in all the situations where a minivan taxi is needed. We are experienced in taking care of transportations by minibuses and minivans at competitive prices. We can offer you minivan taxis for business customers, state visits or for the transportation of smaller groups. We can also offer a delivery agreement about transport services that enable flexible transports specifically for your company’s needs.

Our skilled drivers take care of the service and safety of our customers. We take daily care of the condition and cleanliness of our vehicles to guarantee the passengers the best possible experience with our minivans and buses. Our minivan taxes are equipped with undetectable lifts for transporting passengers using a wheelchair. Our transport services are also suitable for persons who are entitled to use disability services.

Please, place your order good in advance, preferably 24 hours before the due time to ensure the fluency of the timetable.

The price of taxi includes:

  • our professional staff who has wide experience in planning the routes and timetables
  • a minivan that is regularly serviced and cleaned
  • a skilled driver
  • 24-hour service for eventual changes and additional needs.

On extra charge:

  • booking of tickets for events
  • guides for specifically chosen destinations
  • catering services

Contact our sales team:

+358 9 8789 9050