From Helsinki to Rockfest

Direct bus transfer to Rockfest at Hyvinkää airport from Helsinki


Buy direct bus transfer from Helsinki to Rockfest at Hyvinkää airport. The easiest way to get to the Rockfest without stress and worries about your own car. Rockfest is authentic, self-confidence and of course brave, sexy musical firework of rock, which is held in Hyvinkää airport again in June 2023. The transfers arrive to the venue by the time the gates open. The transfer back to Helsinki leaves approx. 30min after the last performer has finished. More specific transportation timetables are published later on. You will receive confirmation to your email after purchase has been made. The confirmation works as your travel ticket. In addition we will send detailed information regarding the transfers closer to the event through email. Go with us and experience authentic rock in hot Finnish summer with all your senses!


Prices of the transfers from Helsinki:

  • Thursday 8th June two-way ticket 30,00 € (earlier 27,27 €)
  • Friday 9th June two-way ticket 30,00 € (earlier 27,27 €)
  • Saturday 10th June two-way ticket 35,00 € (earlier 31,82 €)


The pricelist of the transfers updates and the prices above are valid until now. Buy the tickets now if you want to get them with cheaper price! The ticket sale will close day before the transfer. If there are any tickets left closer to the event they are sold in our mobile app.


Helsinki – Rockfest route timetable:

Please be on time, waiting for the transfer so that you won’t miss it. The buses will latest leave according to the given schedule and won’t wait for anyone. If you have a need to join the ride from some bus stop around the route please contact us before buying the ticket. We will give you detailed instructions how to buy your ticket so that all the needed information will be included in your purchase too. If you join the transfers alongside the route please note that the time given is estimated. So be on time! The specific route timetables are published later on.


Are you still missing festival tickets to Rockfest?

No worries! You are able to buy also the  festival tickets from us. The tickets are send to your email afterwards. The tickets are send by Nelonen Media Live. Remember also festival transfers as the prices are only valid for now!

Any questions?

From Rockfest webpage you will find more information about the artists and timetables, Rockfest merchandise online store, instructions regarding the festival itself and much more important information. If you have any questions regarding the transfers, please contact our sales team, we are happy to help!

Korsisaari Group is an official partner of Rockfest. We cooperate with the event organizer regarding the timetables  and we have a private parking permit inside the festival area. Now is the time to ensure your transfer right next to the gates and save your steps for moving one stage to another.

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