Korsisaari’s specially hygienize taxi in Finland

Hygieiataxi is reliable and safe, specially hygienized taxi. It was created during Covid-19 pandemic and has served our clients since. It is ideal choice when you have things to do but you prefer not to use public transportation. When using a taxi, you will be able to avoid huge crowds. Hygieiataxi will take you from door to door for example when you have a doctor’s appointment, you need to visit your workplace or you have a business meeting face to face.

A word Hygiene derives from a name of Goddess of Health, Cleanliness and Sanitation called Hygieia. She was a daughter of God of medicine Asclepius in Greek mythology. We chose this name to our Hygieiataxi service as we wanted to respect the origin of the word.

Why to choose Hygieiataxi?

In Hygieiataxi service we want to ensure that our clients can travel safely in the taxi. In this service our main focus is on carefully reducing the risk of a clients to be exposed to any infectious diseases while travelling with us and we want to ensure that traveling in our taxis is safe.

All the drivers which are transporting the customers in Hygieiataxis have received a special training from operating room nurse.

  • The price doesn’t differ from a normal taxi ride.
  • The driver always disinfects the taxi before picking up the client.

How does Hygieiataxi differ from our normal taxi service?

  • Our driver will go through all the contact surfaces inside the vehicle with disinfected wipes always before picking up the client and also the vehicle is ventilated before the transportation.
  • The drivers have received a special training from the operating room nurse and the driver will clean the vehicle with special focus on hygiene.
  • The focus while disinfecting the taxi is on seats, armrests, handles, seatbelts, door handles and payment terminals.
  • In the Hygieiataxis we also offer hand sanitizers, medical gloves and tissues to the clients.
  • All Hygieiataxis are equipped with a transparent plex which separates the driver from the passengers.
  • The drivers will only work when they are totally healthy and will focus specially on hygienic measures.
  • We follow the instructions from the Finnish authorities and will change our actions accordingly.
  • We encourage our clients to prefer contactless payments in our taxis. In case of the preorder the taxi can be paid in our online store.  If possible, we avoid the use of cash.
  • Please use the seats as far from the driver if possible. The seat next to the driver is out of use.
  • As a passenger we ask you to follow good hand hygiene and please use the disposable tissues while coughing or sneezing. If you don’t have a tissue please cough or sneeze to your sleeve. If you are feeling sick, follow the instructions of Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and stay home.

We serve you responsibly!

We have years of experience in taxi services in Finland and we care a lot about our clients. The client’s and the driver’s safety are our number one priority.

In all our taxi transportations we have a professional driver, seatbelts in all seats, air conditioner and alcolock. Our top-quality taxis are mainly 8-seaters which are also suitable for barrier free transportations.

Korsisaari has a system in use which fulfills ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and also ISO 14001:2015 environment standards. All of our vehicles are at least EURO 6 class regarding the emission standards.

Mon-Fri from 7am to 5pm

By phone +358 9 274 6900

By email kuljetukset@korsisaari.fi

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